Venezuela - January 2012

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Other Wildlife


We did see butterflies fairly often.  This species was one of the more attractive seen.

Capybara -  The large rodent was extremely common at Hato Cedral.  They liked to sit on the track and were reluctant to move even with a large truck bearing down on them!

Spectacled Caiman - Extremely common at Hato Cedral.  Many were fairly small but could get very large. Apparently not very aggressive but we did not test the theory!

Anaconda - We saw several at Hato Cedral.  This one had been released in the lodging area and was finding seclusion in a small pool.  It was about 2 metres long.

This three metre Anaconda was crossing the track at night.


Savannah Fox - Seen at Hato Cedral 

Piranha - A very brief spell of fishing produced this fierce looking Piranha.  The technique was to place a piece of meat on the hook, throw in the water and haul in straight away.  Four Piranhas in about one minute of fishing!  We did not try swimming!!!  It tasted nice.


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