Venezuela - January 2011

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White-chested Emerald - Encountered close to a track, this bird repeatedly returned to the same perch making digiscoping somewhat easier!  A resident species described as uncommon to seasonally common.

To see a video clip of this bird click here.


White-chinned Sapphire - First encountered at the top of the rather scary tower, close to the Harpy Eagle site.  Feeding high in the canopy.  Fortunately one came a little lower, but photography difficult.


Hummers in the Garden of
Barquilla de Fresa lodge

This photo shows two of the trees containing Hummingbird feeders at the lodge.  There are almost certainly 6-10 Hummingbirds in the photo!

To see a video of the interaction of the Hummingbirds click here.



Crimson Topaz - Even with four photos, the stunning appearance of this species has not been adequately captured.  The species is restricted within Venezuela to eastern areas and is described as uncommon.

To see a video of the Crimson Topaz click here


Long-billed Starthroat - Only seen at feeders at this site.

White-necked Jacobin - Seen mainly at the feeders.

Fork-tailed Woodnymph - Easy to see at Barquilla de Fresa but also seen elsewhere.





Black-throated Mango - A widespread species in Central and South America.


Grey-breasted Sabrewing - Described as Uncommon to fairly common.  We only saw this species at the lodge.


Hummers elsewhere in the Escalara area  

Brown Violetear - Not uncommon in some areas. 

Velvet-browed Brilliant - Seen on a few occasions.  This species is restricted to the Tepui areas of Venezuela and adjacent countries.

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