Finland Birding - 12th-16th May 2006

Seven intrepid birders set off to meet in Oulu on 12th May for a five day birding trip.  Mostly from Bucks (Buckinghamshire Bird Club), but also two from Yorkshire.  We were met at the airport by Finnature's Harri Taavetti who was to be our guide for the next five days.  Harri turned out to be an excellent guide, knowing the sites, the birds and their calls/songs.   Finnature are also to be congratulated on their helpfulness and organisation.   We had excellent food and accommodation throughout the trip.

Despite rain, snow and freezing temperatures, we had a great trip and saw 146 species.  The key birds were the Owls and we were not disappointed.  I addition we saw most of our Finnish target birds, the most obvious dip was Siberian Jay, which is very difficult during the breeding season.  We were also a little early for some of the summer visitors but did get excellent views of Bluethroat and Rustic Bunting.

The following pictures tell the rest of the story. 

16264-Finland-Lake-700.JPG (144861 bytes)

May in Finland - Spring had not quite arrived!

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16046-GreatGreyOwl-600.JPG (146816 bytes)

Great Grey Owl

Seen near Oulu, this was one of the most memorable sightings of the trip.

16042-GreatGreyOwl-600.JPG (112377 bytes)

Sideways on the owl looked even bigger

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16096-UralOwl-500.JPG (59554 bytes)

Ural Owl
Seen mid-morning, near Oulu, after heavy overnight rain.  It was thought that this had forced the bird to hunt in the day.  It had just brought prey back to the nest (note blood on bill).

16093-UralOwl-500.JPG (63022 bytes)

It was not bothered by our presence!

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Hawk-Owl-AM.jpg (19422 bytes)

Hawk Owl

Encountered at two separate sites.  Above bird was seen near Oulu.
The lower bird, near Kuusamo, was seen hovering.

FIN0002-HawkOwl-400.JPG (39510 bytes)

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16172-TengmalmsOwl-500.JPG (131650 bytes)

Tengmalm's Owl

This individual, seen near Oulu, was only interested in our presence for a short time.

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IMG_0609_Capercaillie-500.jpg (55960 bytes)


Females were seen fairly frequently by the side of woodland tracks. 
Males were more elusive but we did see three.

16257-Capercaillie-500.JPG (119493 bytes)

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16235-BlackGrouse-500.JPG (84679 bytes)

Black Grouse

The bird above was one of many seen during the trip.  The lek below contained 11 birds. 

16233-BlackGrouseLek-700.JPG (115594 bytes)

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All photos copyright 2006

Photos taken by Jim Rose, Mike Collard, Alan Miller and Ben Miller